About Us

Austin Wedding and Event Planners Since 1997

Throwing a great party is an art, a symphony of coordinated elements that appear to work together effortlessly. The guests are having fun, there's great food and music, a beautiful atmosphere, and when you're driving home from it later that night, you think about how nice it was to be there. From the sublimely simple to the extravagant, from intimate occasions to huge parties, we've been creating and planning great events and weddings in Austin since 1997.

Why we do what we do is simple - we absolutely adore being event and wedding planners. Austin is full of smart, creative people who are a thrill to work with. We live for the art of the exceptional party. It's work that inspires us, brings us joy. The fact that it brings our clients an awful lot of enjoyment and takes stress off of their shoulders makes it that much better. We help experienced hostesses expand their legendary parties to a grand scale. We help people who have never thrown a party in their lives create weddings that are an amazing reflection of their love and personalities. What can we help you create?

Meet Amy Mader

Amy is the founder and president of Platinum Weddings and Events (formerly Amy's Platinum Weddings Coordinating and Consulting Firm), located in Austin, Texas. She doesn't just know how to coordinate events - she's the founder and president of the only state-licensed vocational school for wedding consultants: Nuptial Essentials Curriculum and Instruction, LLC (NECI), and heads the Nuptial Essentials Association of Wedding Professionals (NEAWP). She has designed and coordinated upscale and celebrity weddings and events throughout the Austin area since 1997. She's been featured in national and local media, including Brides Magazine, The Knot, Modern Bride, Austin Wedding Guide, Lifetime Television's series, My Best Friend's Wedding, and more.

With over 25 years of extensive wedding industry experience, Amy brings an unusual depth and breadth of knowledge to event and wedding planning. She began at age 15, working in her grandparents' bridal salon, where her gracious manner, meticulous organization, and efficiency led to managing the largest bridal salon in Southwestern Wisconsin. That led into coordinating multiple weddings in the Wisconsin area. After college graduation, she and her husband relocated to Austin, where she managed Adrian's Bridal Salon for a year before beginning her own wedding consulting firm in 1997. She is an active member in several professional organizations and earned her specialized training through Weddings Beautiful (1997), Wedding Careers Institute, Inc. (1999), and Nuptial Essentials Curriculum and Instruction (2005). Amy is an active volunteer and advocate for children through her work on the boards of several organizations.

Meet Jason Freshly

With a love of event design and planning, Jason doesn't shy away from helping to bring your dream to reality. He's spent over twelve years in the hospitality industry working in many areas, including serving, cooking, and managing events. The exciting environment and constant change spur his love for the work, growth, and love for learning. He brings an especially valuable set of skills to event planning in Austin as part of the Platinum Weddings and Events team.

Jason initially pursued a career in architecture at the University of Florida, which forever cemented his passion for spatial design. This was followed by an interest in the culinary arts. He attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where his love of food and beauty led him into catering, the hotel industry, and finally grew and evolved into a career in wedding planning. Austin brought him into a community of talented professionals, where his passion for all the elements of creating great weddings and events - client interaction, planning, execution, industry knowledge - brought him to earning his certification as a Professional Wedding Consultant through NECI. He brings great enthusiasm and energy to the Platinum Weddings and Events team.

Why weddings and events? Jason thrives on the constant evolution that the job requires. There are always new ways to make clients' visions a reality, great new ways to make each event unique and enchanting. It's an incredible opportunity to have a job fulfilling people's dreams, and Jason is passionate about bringing that joy to every client he works with. In his spare time, he still loves cooking for friends and family, unplugging, and indulging his roots in art and architecture with canvas, furniture design, and lighting design.

Meet Shelley Hale

Many of our team members have diverse backgrounds that have come together to give them a broad range of skills that transfer well into event and wedding planning. Austin native Shelley is no exception. She earned her BA from Texas State in 1997, studying Education and Dance. Years as a Dance Director built her skills directing groups of people, coordinating events, managing team travel, and all the creative aspects of putting together a big dance production. When she married in 2007, those skills came in handy and drew her towards a career change into the Austin wedding planning industry.

Shelley loves pulling together all of the planning and details to create an event that showcases the couple's personalities. For her, the true reward is that you are being trusted and asked to share in one of the most special days in two people's lives. She began working with Amy in 2008, graduated as a Professional Wedding Coordinator from NECI in 2009 (even earning the student of the year award!), and has served as an active member and board member of Nuptial Essentials Association of Wedding Professionals (NEAWP).

Shelley loves spending her downtime immersed in dance and Pilates, playing with her dogs, traveling, and reading. Home decor and design are two of her passions. She serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for the Verge Dance Company.

Meet Haley Hyman

While Hayley may be the newest member of our team, she's no stranger to weddings. Her parents have worked as both performers and booking agents for wedding bands. She's always loved the inspiration and excitement of helping put together people's most special occasions. Hayley gets immense satisfaction out of pulling all the threads together to create events that celebrate people's biggest achievements and life moments.

When she's not working on her degree in marketing and PR at ACC, Hayley loves spending time outdoors. Skiing and movies are two of her favorite ways to relax, but family time always comes first!